1. How many people can you accommodate?

130 is maximum in the Ballroom for a sit down meal. For larger Weddings we can open that up to our attached 40′ x 60′ Tent Covered Patio area. We can then seat about 300 people.

2. Can we bring our own booze?

No alcohol can legally be brought in or out of the The YARD at any time. All alcohol has to be served by a licenced vendor which we supply, and consumed in our designated area.

And save your TAILGATING for the BISON game. Clay county does not allow You to drink in our parking lots or other areas either.

3. Where do we go if there’s bad weather?

The Ballroom, or Covered Tent Patio which can also double as a chapel.

4. Can we bring motor homes on the property?

No, sorry we are not set up to accommodate camping or heavy vehicles. And the county does not allow any vehicles parked along side the paved road. Our parking is for light passenger vehicles only.

5. Are Dogs welcome?

We love dogs too, but help us preserve and enjoy this wildlife area. To protect wildlife and your pet, we allow a dog to be used in the ceremony only, if kept on a leash and removed right after.



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