1. How many people can you accommodate?

We have tables, chairs, parking for 300. We have done a bit bigger but it creates added costs and setups. We take pride that at The YARD everyone seated can easily see and hear the couple and all of the speeches. Once we go over 300, that gets compromised a bit.

2. Can we bring in our own booze?

Clay county allows you to bring in snacks, a few mimosas and beer in the morning when you are getting ready…with one stipulation; When the caterers truck arrives on the property, usually around 11:00 AM they take on all legal liabilities and the County then requires that all of your food and beverages and coolers etc.  have to be locked away in a trunk of a car, non accessible.
After that, No alcohol can legally be brought in or out of the The YARD at any time. All alcohol has to be served by a licenced vendor which we supply, and consumed in our designated area only.

And save your TAILGATING for the BISON game. Clay county does not allow You to drink in our parking lots or other areas either. They do drive by.

Our beverage provider will not jeopardize his license and will fine the lovely couple he is in contract with, for each offense or each open container not provided by him.

3. Where do we go if there’s bad weather?

The Ballroom, or Covered Tent Patio which can also double as a chapel.

4. Can we bring motor homes on the property?

No, sorry we are not set up to accommodate camping or heavy vehicles. And the county does not allow any vehicles parked along side the paved road. Our parking is for light passenger vehicles only.

5. What is the cost difference if I just want to do the ceremony here or just have a small gathering?

Its the same cost. Venue prices are BY THE DAY no matter how your event is structured, big or small event…full wedding, ceremony only, reception only, anniversary, etc. or whatever your guest count is, the price is the same.

6. For each day we rent, how early can we arrive, and when do we have to be gone?

Your day begins at 9:00 AM, no earlier. 
Your day ends at 12:00 AM, no later.

Clay County requires that everyone must be gone from the property with all their personal items and decor by midnight. They only allow us one hour after midnight to clean up and reset. So we are quite strict with having you out at midnight, as we do back to back weddings and need all the time we can to reset.

7. Do all vehicles have to be removed at midnight too?

No, we want everyone to get home safe so if needed, feel free to call an Uber or Taxi and leave your vehicle on our lot. Please be respectful and remove it before 11:00 AM the next day as we will likely have another event happening by then.

8. Are Dogs welcome?

We love dogs too, but help us preserve and enjoy this wildlife area. To protect wildlife and your pet, we allow a dog to be used in the ceremony only, if kept on a leash the entire time and removed from the entire property right after the ceremony.



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